Voters want more moderates or liberals elected to Kansas legislature

Kansas legislature (KSN Photo)

Click image to view state poll questions. Click image to view state poll questions.[/caption]

Jarman points to school funding that is either stagnant, cut or in the argument of the governor increased. Governor Sam Brownback says there has been more money put into the state retirement system for teachers and other state employees.

But, with only 2 percent of potential voters saying they want the legislature to stay the same, and 8 percent saying they are not sure, Jarman says there could be some changes on the way.

“In the poll we did just two weeks ago, we saw overwhelming support for changes in the tax code, changes for school funding, and it’s not surprising to see now that reflected in poll data,” says Jarman. “That suggests they (voters) want to change the composition of the legislature because they want a new legislature to bring those changes.”

Jarman also points out that more moderates made their way through the primary. But, time will tell if voters follow through and vote in a moderate/liberal composition in the upcoming general election.

“What we’ve seen consistently in poll data over the last several months, is a view on the part of Kansans that think the legislature has gone too far,” says Jarman. “And I think these new numbers are really just another indicator that a correction is needed, and they want a new composition to bring new policies to Topeka.”