Maize school district ready to adopt new boundaries

MAIZE, Kan. (KSNW) – A change in school boundary lines could be coming soon to the Maize school district.

At last week’s school board meeting the board voted unanimously to approve a new boundary line proposal after several years of debate.

Tuesday night’s public forum on the issue allowed parents and faculty could voice their concerns and ask questions about the proposed new boundaries that soon could affect thousands. Now, after years of controversy, a final plan is going into action.

“My biggest concerns were that it would happen sooner rather than later,” said Maize parent Nancy Woodruff. “I think a lot of the parents have been anxiously awaiting a plan that’s going to help us for where our students are going to go.”

Woodruff attended the meeting to find out how these changes will affect her neighborhood schools.

“Most of the concerns have been if there’s one student in a certain school, then what’s going to happen to the younger students. I think this Legacy plan is a good way to address that,” Woodruff said.

School Superintendent Chad Higgins gave a PowerPoint presentation showing where the boundary lines would be drawn. He also answered many questions from parents. Those questions address “Specifics about their issues, their children, how it affects them, mostly about transportation and busing,” said Higgins.

Current fifth graders will attend boundary assigned middle schools unless they receive a “legacy” exemption or an exception based on where their siblings currently attend middle or high school.

“For many parents they’re going to have to decide pretty soon which is more important, to follow those older siblings into a school or transportation in their neighborhood,” said Higgins.

Higgins said he’s hoping the new school board votes on the final boundary map at this month’s board meeting.