Voting booth selfies are legal in Kansas

Go ahead...snap that selfie.

HASKELL COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – On Tuesday, the Kansas Secretary of State’s office is working to clarify the law on taking ballot selfies.

The issue came to light earlier this month when Justin Timberlake snapped a selfie while voting in his home town of Memphis, which is against the law in Tennessee.

“It’s never been an issue for us in the past,” said Pam Carrion, the Haskell County Clerk.

In Kansas, it is legal to snap a photo of your own ballot.

Santiago Kahn takes a selfie in a voting booth. Don't's legal.
Santiago Kahn takes a selfie in a voting booth. Don’t worry…it’s legal.

“You may take a photo, a selfie, of yourself, but a poll worker is not allowed to take pictures of ballots,” said Carrion.

Basically, voters can share as much or as little as they want, but poll workers cannot take photos of you or your ballot. As for snapping a shot of your actual ballot, some clerks discourage that.

“Just because ballots are kind of sacred for us,” said Carrion, “but there’s no law saying you can’t do it.”

State officials tell us that in 2013, language in the unauthorized voting disclosure law was changed so that it wouldn’t apply to voters, but it’s still an issue state officials say comes up year after year.

“That took place in 2014, it took place in 2012, both locally and nationally,” said Bryan Caskey, Kansas’s Director of Elections. “This isn’t a new issue. It’s at least the fourth or fifth year I’ve heard of this.”

Voters should feel free to post their ballot selfies.

Election laws do not vary from county to county, so ballot selfies are legal all across the state.

Voters are encouraged to contact Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s office if they have any questions about voting.