KKK flyers discovered in southeast Wichita neighborhood

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – KSN News is following a developing story out of southeast Wichita.

On Friday afternoon, a viewer contacted the KSN newsroom after finding KKK flyers in his neighborhood near Harry and Waverly. (See photos of the flyers below)

Wichita police said a resident on Waverly street called them around 11 a.m. saying, “an unknown subject” was dropping off flyers on their block. KSN News went to the neighborhood and found the flyers wrapped in a rubber band with a sucker attached to them.

“Honestly, I’m shocked,” said Arianna Peterman. “This is completely out of character for the neighborhood in general.”

Peterman and her African American girlfriend had a flyer left on their driveway.

“We get looked at all the time on the streets, so this doesn’t really surprise me, but it’s surprising that it’s here, right here, you know,” Peterman said.

Nicki Sinclair lives a few doors down from Peterman. She found a flyer on her lawn Friday afternoon.

“I’m disgusted, and I am really really really sad about the way the world is today and the fact that I have an 11-year-old son who is growing up in this kind of world, that he could have picked this up and thought oh candy, and this is what he sees. This is what he sees.”

The flyers ask people to join the KKK. They explain how the KKK is the only organization standing up for whites and through unifying the group can keep white people’s lives safe.

The flyers also said Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers organizations are encouraging violence saying, in part, “They are telling followers to kill white people and police officers in the name of justice for the killing of negro’s by policemen in the line of duty.” The flyers also say, “These negro’s were not innocent, they were thugs breaking the law and standing up against police.”

KSN spoke to Wichita community activist and Black Lives Matter supporter Djuan Wash about the flyers.

“From the Black Lives Matter standpoint or at least from a person who supports the Black Lives Matter movement position, our position is love and appreciation for people and their differences and accountability for people and their actions,” Wash said. “I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s discouraging, it’s disturbing to see that these types of groups are allowed to exist, but again it’s their first amendment right to do so.”

“Hate is not what we need.” Sinclair said.

Wichita police said they will keep a close eye on the neighborhood involved. They said no crime has been committed because the flyers do not threaten anyone, they are a freedom of speech.