Broncbusters ranked #1 nationally

The Broncbusters are the #1 junior college football team in the country

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – The Broncbusters are enjoying a stunning turnaround this season.

“Being number one in the nation is just a celebration of all times,” said John Green, Garden City Community College’s athletic director. “That’s just the ultimate reward for hard work.”

GCCC’s football team is now number one in the nation according to the National Junior College Athletic Association.

“This is going to go across our entire campus,” said Green. “Our entire athletic department, and we’re going to continue to strive to be number one in everything that we do from football to cheerleading to whatever it may be.”

It’s a reversal of fortune. Last year, the team was ranked sixth in the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference, but this year they are dominating with an undefeated record.

Green credits the coaches for their great recruitment and the players for their hard work.

“They brought in some kids that were going to build a good foundation last year,” he said. “We took our lumps and everything, but that’s okay. I want to build a football program, not a football team.”

The timing couldn’t be better. The Jayhawk Conference is no longer restricting the number of out-of-state athletes schools can bring in.

With their top standing nationally, it’s likely to change how the team recruits.

“The attraction of being number one make recruiting,” said Green, “I don’t know if my coach will agree, but a little bit easier and stuff, because people are going to be attracted to being number one, to being top 10, so we will continue to build this program.”

Green is also excited that the Kansas Jayhawk Conference will allow schools to begin offering full ride scholarships next year. He says it means fewer student athletes will have to worry about money keeping them from an education.