BB gun vandalism in Great Bend

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) — The last month has been a busy one for Great Bend police.

Two nights in mid-October, they saw a rash of vandalisms, with about half a dozen businesses shot at, and a residential area was targeted on the other side of town.

“They just drove through the area and several cars were parked along the street..shot out the driver’s side windows on those vehicles,” said Lt. Scott Bieberle.

Residents told KSN’s Amanda Aguilar they’re concerned about the recent vandalism.

“Anything that puts our community, business property or people at risk is a concern to me,” said Great Bend resident Gwen Caro.

Resident Tom Ledesma said, “Is it fun? Or does it make a thrill to do this? I don’t know. It just concerns a lot of people around here.”

KSN reached out to some of the impacted businesses — many owners did not want to go on camera for fear of being targeted again.

One owner said it’s sad, frustrating and costly.

According to one business owner, it’s about $500 to fix a window — most are paying out-of-pocket.

The police department understands the community’s concern and fear. They said they’re doing everything they can to find who is responsible.

“Checking the area for any security video at any of the places in the surrounding area, talking to neighbors in the area, seeing if anybody heard or seen anything,” Lt. Bieberle said.

According to police, they do not have any leads yet. If people see something suspicious or have information relating to these incidents, police encourage residents to call them.