Underwear-clad man torches Trump sign

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. (KWWL) – When Kevin Leighty went to get the paper Friday morning, he noticed something was off with the Donald Trump sign he and his wife had put in the front yard of their Platteville, Wisconsin home.

The frame holding it was there, but there was no sign.

They reviewed surveillance video from cameras they have on their house, and there they found a man, dressed only in underwear, taking a torch to their Trump sign.

They mystery of who this man was didn’t last long.

“Then we’re watching, and it was like, oh, I think that’s our neighbor, our tenant. And sure enough, it was,” says Jane Leighty.

They called the police who also reviewed the tape, then shortly after got a confession out of the man.

He apologized to the Leighty’s, but was kicked out shortly after.

“When you rent to somebody and they’re your next door neighbor and you’ve been kind and decent to them, it’s like really? Why are you doing this to us?” she said.

The Leighty’s live on a fairly busy street in Platteville, and it’s easy to see a number of cars pass by while the sign is burning.

Two people even stop to talk to the man, and appear to fist bump him a couple of times before letting him get back to his task.

“The people going by is what really hurts too, that no one called the police to say hey, go check this out. They didn’t have to confront him. And the two guys that came up and fist pumped him and go, ‘yeah, alright!’ Really?”

What’s most ironic about this situation, though, is that Jane says they aren’t even big fans of Trump.  Rather, they’re more against Hillary than anything.

“All we had was a little sign, and if they’re offended by it, they should’ve just left one there, because every time they take it down, it’s coming up bigger and better, and the next one is going to be a billboard,” she said.

Platteville Police say they’ve identified the man from the video, and the case is now in the hands of the Grant County District Attorney, who will decide if the man will be charged.