Mob urges citizens to just go vote

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A vote mob spread their message on Tuesday to just go vote. It happened on the lawn of the Historic Sedgwick County Courthouse.

One of the groups taking part is called Root the Power, and it’s organized by a North High senior.

Their goal is get more millennials and minorities energized about being a part of the election process no matter who they’re voting for.

“I’ve already seen people with the I voted sticker, and we’re trying to give them our own buttons that say I voted and plus Root the Power at the bottom. And let them know that I’m glad they’re taking part. They’re engaging in the community and engaging with the nation as well,” said Alondra Larios, Root the Power founder.

Larios said that with more young people showing up at events like this and at the polls, it shows that they haven’t fallen into the trap of thinking that their vote doesn’t matter.