Field of Screams adds security for peace of mind

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Several additional security measures were put in place as Field of Screams reopened their doors Saturday evening.

Late Friday, an individual waiting to attend the the haunted attraction committed suicide.

Jody Scott, co-owner of Prairie Pines Festivals LLC with her husband Kip, put on the Field of Screams every year.

Scott says it has always been a safe event to come to.

“We have security cameras, surveillance cameras, you know we really have a lot in place, we just, we have a lot of signs up that say no weapons, no concealed weapons,” said Scott.

Scott says they normally have six to 10 off-duty officers and security on hand to monitor the crowds.

After the incident Friday night, they decided to make some changes.

Scott says they added a handful of officers Saturday night.

She says they also put up a station at the entrance, where people would go through a metal detector before coming inside.

“We’ve been working all day getting extra signage, getting people to run that, getting the equipment, so right now we’ve got wands,” said Scott.

Scott wants to drive home the point that the Field of Screams has and will continue to be a safe event to attend.

“The extra security tonight, the extra metal detectors, those things, that’s just one more thing in place so I think everybody can feel confident that it is still a safe event,” said Scott.

Jayson Moran came out with his three sons and two of his friends tonight.

He said last night’s incident was not going to keep him from coming out.

Moran says he feels the owners are making safety the number one priority.

“From what I hear last night and how quickly they got it under control and what they’re doing tonight, seems like they do, they’ve got everything under control,” said Moran.

Scott says she did understand that some people might still be hesitant to come out to the Field of Screams.

She wants to assure people there is no safety concern, saying she is 100-percent confident the event is about as safe as it can be.

Kip and Jody Scott, members Field of Screams, sent out this statement Saturday morning about Friday night’s incident:

“Friday evening an individual waiting to attend the Field of Screams committed suicide. We are deeply saddened by this tragic event and our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. It does not appear that there was any connection to Prairie Pines, Field of Screams or any of our staff, employees and performers. We have cooperated with law enforcement in their investigation. Once the incident took place, we immediately evacuated the farm and ensured that the situation was in the hands of the officers present. Fortunately we had our security measures in place and the incident could be handled immediately. The safety of our patrons and staff was and is our top priority. Please continue to check our Facebook page, Field of Screams Kansas, for updates regarding opening and ticketing issues.


Kip and Jody Scott, Prairie Pines Festivals”

Field of Screams took to Facebook to post this statement:

“Our intent is to open as usual tonight. We are currently evaluating all the factors and want to make sure the decision to open is appropriate for our staff. The altercation and suicide was an isolated personal issue between two guests and was not connected with Prairie Pines, Field of Screams or any of our staff and performers. We are proud of the way everything was handled last night by all the staff and guests and we feel confident that we have a very safe event. We have always had very high security but after the events of last night we feel strongly that we need to do even more. We currently employ 6-10 police officers and security personnel during the event hours. We also currently have a policy of no weapons on the property during our event. With that being said, we anticipate that we will immediately begin using metal detectors and bag searches at our event.”