Simple tips to keep Asian Lady Beetles out of your house

BARTON COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — It looks exactly like a ladybug, but these Asian Lady Beetles have been causing some problems in Barton County. With the winter coming, they’re looking for ways to escape the cold.

Most recently, these bugs were found inside a Hoisington dog’s mouth. The veterinarian posted a picture on Facebook warning pet owners about these bugs, saying they can cause painful ulcers for animals.

Barton County’s extension agent tells me the county is seeing so many lady beetles due to the explosion of sugarcane aphids.

Right now, there’s a lot of them looking for a new home, and yes, they’re looking at your house.

Alicia Boor said exclusion is key when keeping these critters out.

“Caulking any kind of cracks, or around windows and doors to make sure you have a solid barrier they cannot get through,” said Boor.

She also said an exterminator can help.

“They have chemicals that can create a barrier where they can’t go across without it killing them,” said Boor.

If these bugs do happen to get inside, don’t worry, you still have another option.

“Vacuuming them up is about the best thing to do, but do it quickly,” said Boor.

That’s because the beetles secrete a pheromone that attracts more beetles — so you shouldn’t step on them. It only brings more bugs to follow the scent.

People shouldn’t be too concerned about the lady beetles, but some people might have a slight allergic reaction to the bite.