Republican state leaders, political analyst react to Trump’s comments

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kelly Arnold was in Las Vegas Wednesday night for the debate to hear Donald Trump’s comments on accepting the results of the election, amidst his concerns about fraud.

Arnold said he wasn’t bothered by Trump’s comments.

“I don’t think this issue has any impact on candidates just because it’s a very normal part of the process of verifying if the elections were run correctly,” said Arnold.

And Arnold wasn’t alone. Congressman Mike Pompeo shared the same sentiment.

“I think the media has got this completely wrong. Mr. Trump was doing no more than what every candidate has an obligation to do,” said Pompeo.

Pompeo said each candidate should demand accuracy.

“It doesn’t have to be something you think about for very long to remember that Mr. Gore didn’t accept the outcome of the election for over a month,” said Pompeo.

But KSN political analyst Jeff Jarman said comparing the 2000 election with a recount in Florida, to the recent comments on a rigged election, are comparing apples and oranges.

“In the case of Al Gore did somebody punch a ballot and were they voting for one candidate or the other,” said Jarman. “That was a real question to decide about what those punched tickets actually read.”

Jarman’s concern is that Trump’s comments could have a drastic impact come election day.

“Particularly in races that are going to be close. If you send a message that the system is rigged, that somehow votes don’t matter that signals to people that they don’t need to show up and when voter turnout is depressed then all the sudden all kinds of elections come in to play,” said Jarman.

KSN also received a statement from  U.S. Senator Jerry Moran on the comments:

“American democracy depends on our country’s ability to elect our leaders in a fair and open process. And, for more than 200 years, we the people have respected the outcome of our elections. I will accept the will of Kansans and Americans, and encourage all candidates running for public office to do the same.”