Feds: 3 suspects in Somali plot pose ‘substantial danger’

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – Prosecutors say the three Kansas men accused of conspiring to attack Somali immigrants in Garden City pose a “substantial danger” to the community and should not be released pending trial.

A filing Thursday makes public new details about the plot and the arsenal they had amassed. The government also cited the men’s backgrounds, arguing they pose a flight risk.

The court documents say that on September 2nd, all three suspects, Curtis Allen, Patrick Stein and Gavin Wright met with a source for the f-b-i.

Their discussion included talking about buying explosives, mentioning potentially making methamphetamine and then exchanging it for the explosive materials they wanted.

About two weeks later, the court documents say the men met with FBI source, saying Allen and Wright had tested some of the materials in a sink.

After all three were arrested, investigators searched homes, cars and storage areas.

The court filing says the FBI found a handgun, approximately 100 rounds of ammunition and a handful of aerial photographs in Stein’s car.

The photographs appeared to be locations in Garden City.

It goes on to say Wright’s home was searched by agents.  Inside, they found more than 12-thousand rounds of ammunition, fireworks that could be used to manufacture explosives and 34 weapons.

One crate containing material on how to make explosives was also found in Wright’s storage unit, according to the filing.

In its initial criminal complaint filed last week, federal officials listed firearms and ammo found in Allen’s home and car, in addition to materials that could be made into explosives.
Today’s filing alleges that Allen is barred by federal law from possessing any firearms or ammunition due to a prior conviction for domestic battery.

Detention hearings for Stein and Wright are set for Friday, and one for Allen is set for Monday.

The three are charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Prosecutors say the men were part of a small militia group called the Crusaders. They allege the three planned to detonate truck bombs around a small Garden City apartment complex where about 120 Somali immigrants live.

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