KSN Threat Tracker for Wednesday, October 19, 2016


9:47PM Coming up on KSN News at 10, we’ll track a couple of showers in the far Northern part of Kansas, leaving the KSN viewing area. Then we turn our attention to a cooler Thursday and a remarkable weekend. Join us at 10 to check your weekend plans, or catch your forecast anytime here on KSN.com.

8:39PM Just a sprinkle or two along the Kansas/Nebraska border. Other than that, we are enjoying a quiet and comfortably cool evening. Still concerned about the possibility of a little frost in the Northwest part of Kansas. Your forecast anytime here on KSN.com.

6PM We’re on the air now with a look at tomorrow’s cool down on KSN News at 6!

4:46PM Fall will flex its muscles in the next 24 hours–a little push of cooler air will move into Kansas. Some may even want a jacket on Thursday–though you can put them right back into the closet for the weekend. Join us for KSN News at 5, or check your forecast here on KSN.com anytime.

4:21PM October is strutting her stuff again today across Kansas! Not only is it beautiful, but it is also again very pleasant across most of the viewing area. Here are the latest temps:

4PM Kansas Temperatures
4PM Kansas Temperatures

3:46PM Spectacular weather across Kansas this afternoon–dry, comfortably warm air. And in the coming days it will actually get better and better–right on through the weekend. As we looked a fresh information this afternoon we really did not see a significant chance of any rain until at least next Tuesday and even then the chances are not very impressive. Check your forecast anytime right here on KSN.com.

12:50PM Get your up-to-date forecast with my new web videos here!

12PM We have a wonderful fall afternoon on the way, and it’s going to be even cooler tomorrow! I’ll have all the details on this, plus a sneak-peek at your weekend forecast, straight ahead on KSN News at Noon.


10:30AM We’re back to fall weather, and it’s a gorgeous day already! Get outside and enjoy it🙂


6:00AM Don’t ask Siri for your forecast!! 🙂 Check in with the KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everwhere app for your latest and most up to date information!! http://ksn.com/weather

5:00AM Another beautiful Fall day is back in the forecast. Highs will top out in the mid 70’s which is cooler than yesterday but still slightly above normal for this time of year.