Wichitans gave feedback on Delano Catalyst Site proposals


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Changes are on the way to the Delano district, but before that happens, the city asked for input from the public.

Close to 100 people turned out for Wednesday night’s open house to discuss the new Delano Catalyst Site.

Residents voiced both praise and concern about the proposed development.

“This would bring even more people to that Delano area,” said Cindy Claycomb, President of Wichita’s Park Board.

The seven acre project will be built between the city’s new library and new River Vista apartment project.

Many residents are happy to know Delano could soon be filled with new opportunities.

“It could just really help Delano even blossom more. I mean it’s such a cool space now, then you bring more people there, I think it just helps and it brings more amenities to that area,” Claycomb stated.

Both developers, Delano Partners, LLC, a Wichita based company, and EPC Real Estate, from Kansas City, proposed mixed use spaces creating offices, residential and commercial areas.

Some folks thought EPC’s idea was too big city.

“I’m not a big fan of the look of the apartments I think they rob historic Delano of the old time charm. They’re trying to pull a plaza feel,” stated Wichita resident, Luke Harshfield.

Others felt the local company brought more to the table. Delano partners plan proposes a new roundabout, and three new open spaces for civic events and private gatherings.

One Wichitan said his choice was a no-brainer.

“I think the fact that the Delano district is from Wichita and actually understands to vibe we all put off,” explained Connor Powell, a local business owner.

City officials say a selection committee will study the feedback cards and decide on one of the two proposals, or throw them both out, over the next few weeks.

The city will announce the final plan by the end of the year.