Shooting victim takes the stand, sharing her emotional story

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The woman who was shot during a robbery at a phone store took the stand Tuesday against her accused shooter.

It happened in August 2015 at the AT&T store in Derby.

According to the probable cause affidavit, James Phillips pulled a gun at the store and ordered everyone to go to the back of the store.

A customer, 60-year-old Julie Dombo, tried to run away. But, Phillips allegedly shot her multiple times.

Dombo’s hands and feet were amputated, due to complications of being shot in the lung.

For the first time since the attack, Dombo was face to face with her suspected gunman.

“It was intense pain, and I said, ‘you shot me’. And, I fell down to the floor,” explained Dombo.

Dombo then recounted the last words she heard out of the suspect’s mouth.

“This is what you think it is, it’s no joke. Everybody to the back room.”

The victim was shot twice, in the arm and lung, and is still haunted by the fear she felt.

“I laid there on my side huddled up. And, I could feel that intense pain on my side and in my arm and I thought I was going to bleed to death,” said Dombo.

She says the nightmarish incident left her hospitalized for 114 days, and an infection cost her both hands and feet.

James Phillips, who is representing himself in court, showed no emotion as Dombo shared her story.

After her testimony, he did his own bizarre cross-examination.

“You thought I was going to take you guys in the back, rape and murder you, is that correct?” asked Phillips.

“Yes,” replied Dombo.

Dombo told the jury that because of those bullets wounds she lost two-thirds of her right lung, most of her hearing and along with having both hands and feet amputated.

The testimonies will continue on Wednesday morning.