New food truck serves up help and hope


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Next week, the Lord’s Diner will expand into northeast Wichita after getting their newest truck over the weekend.

With a new truck, the group says they’ll be able to serve upwards of 3,000 people per night.

There are already two food trucks that serve at the Evergreen Recreation Center and the Hilltop Community Center, but next Monday, that newest truck will start its rotation at the Atwater Neighborhood Resource Center. The new truck will allow for a massive expansion compared to where they were when they began.

“Our kitchen was the original kitchen when we only served on Broadway,” says director Jan Haberly. “It was designed for 300 or 400 and we’re up to 2000, and with this truck we’ll probably be at 3,000 plus, per day, per evening meal.”

The truck was brought in from Kansas City thanks to donations from the Dakhil family.

The decision to land at the Atwater Neighborhood Resource Center was one made in conjunction with the Kansas Food Bank.

However, Haberly says once they learned that the area was one of the poorest in the nation, they knew they had chosen the right place.

“We knew that that was the area that we wanted to be in because there were some folks that were, you know, just having a rough time trying to make ends meet,” said Haberly. “You know, do you buy food or do you pay rent? Those are the kinds of the decisions they’re making. But when we found out it was in the nation, we were very happy to be part of helping those folks through.”

The food truck will serve dinner Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.