Majority of Kansans say it’s time to get rid of big tax breaks

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Sixty eight percent of Kansas voters said they want to get rid of the 2012 law that changed the tax structure in Kansas according to the latest KSN News poll conducted by SurveyUSA. Nineteen percent said they want to leave the law in place, and 13 percent are not sure. The poll’s margin of error is +/-3.8 percent.


“It’s a broad indictment by the public about the effectiveness of the LLC tax exemption and strong support to repeal it,” said Jeff Jarman, KSN political analyst. “That’s what these poll results suggest. Month after month of revenue shortfalls, and economic data that suggests Kansas is not doing as well as its neighbors.”

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Jarman says the tax exemption was meant to spur economic growth in the state. The tax breaks were led by Governor Sam Brownback.

Brownback’s favorability rating in the KSN News poll, Jarman says, reflects questions about the tax breaks.

“I’m not surprised that we have numbers that show he’s so unpopular,” says Jarman. “Because he’s tied to those economic policies that he pushed through and it’s why so many people view him unfavorably and so many people want the law changed.”

The latest KSN News Poll asked potential voters their opinion of Governor Sam Brownback.

Five percent said their opinion of the governor is extremely favorable and 17 percent said favorable. Twenty percent said their opinion of the governor is unfavorable, while 49 percent say their opinion is extremely unfavorable.

Jarman says with a majority of Kansas voters wanting to do away with the Governor’s tax breaks and a low favorability rating, it could be challenging for Sam Brownback to keep the tax breaks in play.

“Because he doesn’t want his legacy to be a failed experiment, he faces a real challenge this year with the legislature to try to figure out how to make changes while preserving a positive legacy for his time in office,” says Jarman.