KSN Threat Tracker for Tuesday, October 18, 2016


9:47PM For the next couple of days, we’ll have more of a fall feel (finally) but in just a few days we’ll be putting the jackets and sweaters right back into the closet! Warmer weather will return for the weekend. Also as we look at all of the fresh information, it looks like a dry forecast for Kansas until at least early next week. We’ll break it down for you on KSN News at 10. Or away from your TV just check here on KSN.com.

8:41PM Pleasantly cool in most of the KSN viewing area at this hour. But in the far Northwest part of the KSN viewing area temperatures are falling more quickly. It is already down to 48 in Goodland. And that area will be on the bubble for patchy frost tonight. Elsewhere, though, we won’t get that cool tonight. After a couple of milder–even cooler–days, we will rebound marvelously over the weekend. Check your plans with your forecast here on KSN.com.

5:55PM Coming up on KSN News at 6, we’re tracking another little push of cool air that may have you reaching for the jacket in the next couple of days! But relax–back to short sleeves for the weekend. Check your plans with us at 6, or anytime here on KSN.com.

3:45PM As we anticipated, today’s cool down is real–but not real bad. No triple digits or 90s, but many places, like Wichita, are actually still a bit above normal for this time of year. We are tracking another little reinforcing push of cool air in the 2nd half of the week, but even that will give way to rebounding temperatures in time for another glorious fall weekend. Check your weekend plans with our forecast here on KSN.com.

12:00PM What a difference 24 hours can make! Noticeably cooler today with LESS wind. We’ll see more clouds tomorrow and Thursday but our temperatures will continue to tumble each day. Pleasant weather to take us into the weekend! Make sure to check in with us on KSN News at Noon. You can always find your most up to date KSN custom forecast by clicking here. 


5:45AM Fall is finally back in the forecast and it doesn’t get much better than this!!


4:30AM We are looking at an absolutely amazing Fall afternoon across the state. After record heat and high winds yesterday, you can expect milder temps and a lot less wind.