Great Bend transload facility attracts new business

GREAT BEND, Kans. (KSNW) — Construction plans for Great Bend’s transload facility are slowly coming together. Right now, there are two areas of land for the shipping hub — near the airport. Now, one new business has jumped on the opportunity.

“They’re out there shaking hands and saying ‘Hey we got rail to the area now and we’re going to be active,'” said Great Bend city administrator Howard Partington. “Other people start thinking ‘Oh, if we have rail to that area, what other things could we use it for?'”

Partington couldn’t give KSN more details about the prospective business, but he said it could bring in more money to the city.

“I think it would definitely infuse a lot of trucks coming into the community, and some money moving around the community,” he said.

The city understood the basic function of the facility — transporting rock and agriculture products — but Partington said they didn’t know exactly what other opportunities the facility could bring.

“We didn’t know quite what to expect so we’re glad there’s some activity and we don’t know where it all will lead,” said Partington.

The prospective business is looking for additional land. The city has identified 25 acres owned by a farmer. They are currently scheduling negotiation meetings.

If the farmer and prospective business reach a deal, city staff plan to go back to the council with that dollar amount and more details about the development.