Todd E. Frye (D-Kansas House District 106)


  • Purchasing Agent for Landoll Corporation, Marysville, Kansas
  • High School: North Central High School, Morrowville, Kansas
  • College: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas
  • Current office: Marysville City Council
  • Former offices: Mayor of Barnes Kansas; USD#223 Barnes-Hanover-Linn School Board


Married to Rachel Duey Frye with three daughters: Kayenta (14), Dahlia (9) and Astoria (7)

What is your plan to deal with the Kansas Budget?

The 2012 tax cuts must be rolled back to create a fair, broad tax base to support our state services and obligations. No single category alone should get a pass from state income taxes on pass-through income. Departmental reserves so far raided must be restored to adequate levels. Real economic development using an outcome-based model of employment and sector improvement must be implemented to result in revenue growth that rebuilds reserves and adequately funds our schools, roads, healthcare and other services.

What kind of changes do you support in rewriting the school funding formula? Do you support additional funding for Kansas schools?

We must ensure the new formula is fair (equitable and adequate) for all districts and students, and will ultimately lead to the inflation-adjusted increases projected before the 2008 recession. The formula should be tied to actual costs, be a long term/predictable solution, and allow for significant local control.

What is your number one priority for the upcoming legislative session and how do you plan to address it?

My number one priority for the upcoming legislative session is to settle Kansas’ ongoing revenue catastrophe. The issue will not be overcome overnight but will take years of hard work to fully resolve. We must ensure all Kansans pay a fair share of taxes by reversing the 2012 tax cuts and working hard to develop real economic development solutions. Once we are back on firm financial footing, we can avoid raiding KDOT reserves and fully fund public education.

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