Tim R. Norton (D-SG Co Commission District 2)


  • County Commissioner: District 2 2000 to present
  • BS in Journalism: Arkansas State University
  • ME in Adult Education: Newman University
  • Haysville City Council: 1987 to 1997
  • Haysville Mayor: 1997 to 2000


Married to Dr. Susan Norton. I have five adult children and eight grand children.

What specific Sedgwick County issue do you think deserves your immediate attention and how do you plan to address it?

Re-engaging the County in the many partnerships, collaborative efforts, economic and quality of life initiatives that we have disengaged from over the last several years. The County should be a strong voice and leader in the conversation for business and job growth, quality of life progress, neighborhood and downtown renewal and investment, and health and human services. Presently, we are sitting on the sidelines on many of these issues.

How do you intend to work with the Wichita City Council on the issues important to both Wichita and Sedgwick County?

I have never had a problem working with not only the Mayor and Wichita City Council but the staff and elected officials in the class 2 and 3 cities. Cooperation, collaboration and constructive conversations has always been a part of who I am as a County Commissioner. If there is a perception that the City and County are at odds, it is not because of my attitude, willingness, or desire to participate. Verify with the present City officials.

How do you propose to grow the Sedgwick County economy?

The County has an ancillary duty when it comes to creating jobs. First we must first be sure we are actively involved in all economic development efforts County wide. Secondly, we must contribute by insuring that we invest in infrastructure and continue to strongly support quality of life issues such as the Zoo and Exploration Place. We should also continue to support workforce development efforts as we have with NCAT/WATC and the Innovation Campus at WSU. Finally, we must insure that County government is financial sound, engaged with business and other partners, focused on the deliverables that affect the liveability and growth of the community, and be willing to invest time, energy and funding if necessary to move the community forward.