Miranda Allen (I-US House District 4)


  • CEO, Radiofrequency Safety international
  • Founder, Project Pink
  • President, Barber County Economic Development Group (former)
  • University of Colorado, MBA
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University, BA
  • Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership program, graduate
  • South Barber High School, graduate


Married to Stephen, an Air Force Veteran. Mother to four children, sixth-generation Kansan

What one specific issue do you think deserves your immediate attention in Washington, and how do you plan to address it?

We have a broken two-party system in place where the only people benefiting are life-time politicians and the big-money donors. Our leaders are supposed to represent us but are more concerned about party bosses and keeping their spot at the table. We need independent voices on every issue DC faces. The voices we have now representing us are wasted shouting over each other with no one listening and nothing getting done.

Please provide a one to two paragraph explanation of your stance on each of the following: Immigration, Health Care, Economic Issues, Foreign Policy. 

Immigration:As part of comprehensive immigration reform, the very first step is strongly securing our nation’s borders. After securing our borders, we need to look at some sort of path to legal status for hard-working and otherwise law-obeying immigrants. Agri-business relies on immigrants. Rounding up 11 million people for deportation is logistically impossible and cruel to the families it would separate. It would have a devastating effect on Kansas’ economy. Our great nation should remain a beacon of light and opportunity for people around the world and we can’t let fear and intolerance extinguish that light.

Health Care: As a breast cancer survivor told by doctors that I wouldn’t live, I have seen the very best and the very worst of our healthcare system. Lawmakers in Washington have shown on this issue they’re more interested in playing party politics than offering any real solutions on improving the system. As an independent, I am willing to listen to any and all solutions from both sides of the aisle from a single payer system to removing restrictions on insurance companies which could make state plans more competitive.

Economic Issues: I believe it’s time for a responsible, common sense tax code where everyone pays their fair share. We cannot afford to export Gov. Brownback’s failed economic experiment to rest of the nation.

Foreign Policy: As the wife of a military veteran, I understand the sacrifices military families make to keep America safe. I would be hesitant to put our soldiers in harm’s way unless military conflict was absolutely necessary. Washington needs to put a stronger focus on taking care of families here at home instead of wasting trillions of tax dollars overseas.

This election season has seen a lot of divisiveness. If elected how do you propose working with the other party to address the issues facing Kansas today?

Even the way this question is worded demonstrates the problems in Washington. Every issue is covered by the media as ‘us versus them.’ One team versus another. The ‘other’ party.

We need to stop with the conflict driven mentality in our government that’s driven home by a media desperate for ratings. We need to realize we’re all in this together, that we’re all sent to serve our neighbors regardless of their ‘party’, and we need to return civility to governing.

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