Mike Pompeo (R-US House District 4)


  • Current occupation: Member of Congress
  • Education/Degrees: United States Military Academy, BS.; Harvard Law, J.D.
  • Previous political positions – None
  • Military service – United States Army


Married to Susan and father of Nicholas. Taught 5th Grade Sunday School. Endorsed by National Rifle Association, Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Livestock Association, National Federation of Independent Business, Kansans for Life.

What one specific issue do you think deserves your immediate attention in Washington, and how do you plan to address it?

Jobs. Economic growth – and the job opportunities that come with it – across all of South Central Kansas remains my highest priority. Having run two successful companies with several hundred Kansas employees, I understand what it takes to create jobs. That economic growth requires fewer poorly executed regulations in every aspect of our lives. We need to support our community banks that make growing small businesses in Kansas possible. And we need to make sure that we have affordable energy that will draw companies to our region. A sound education policy – driven by parents, teachers and principals, not Washington, D.C. bureaucrats, will provide the talented people that also encourages investment in Kansas.

Please provide a one to two paragraph explanation of your stance on each of the following: Immigration, Health Care, Economic Issues, Foreign Policy.


Our immigration system is broken. It is too hard to get here legally and too easy violate our nation’s laws and come here unlawfully. We need to reverse that. America has an obligation to secure its borders – for both economic and national security reasons. We must enforce current immigration laws, including laws enabling states to provide security for their residents when the federal government has failed to do its duty. I strongly oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. Such legislation will only reward illegal behavior and encourage other immigrants to enter the United States illegally.

Health Care

I voted for the repeal of Obamacare during my first 30 days in office, and since then I have voted to repeal it every single time it has come to the House floor. As I speak with Kansans, the nearly uniformly complain of higher costs, less access and lower quality of healthcare than they had before Obamacare. Choices for healthcare in Kansas have diminished greatly over the past three years. Government healthcare is not the solution – the only feasible way toward creating a functional healthcare system is to repeal or defund Obamacare in its entirety.

Then, we must fix the system. I proudly support market-based solutions that allow access to quality, affordable health care for Kansans. However, we will not be able to achieve real health care reform without also addressing the spiraling costs of Medicaid and Medicare. We must protect these programs for seniors against the onslaught of Obamacare. These programs will cease to exist unless they are fundamentally restructured to allow for more patient choice and greater efficiency. I will continue fighting against big-government, Obamacare-type policies and for real solutions to the growing health care crisis.

Economic Issues

The strength of the American economy comes not from the government, but from ordinary, hardworking Kansans. People are the real drivers of our economy, not the federal government. Instead, the federal government’s role ought to be limited to ensuring that individuals have the freedom to pursue their dreams and letting responsible businesses spur economic growth without playing favorites.

People talk to me all the time about their desire to find work or expand their businesses. But overbearing regulations and high taxes choke job creation. We also need to reduce government spending that crowds out legitimate competition, fuels corruption, and gambles taxpayer money on unproven technologies. Finally, we need a tax code that rewards innovation and growth rather than rewarding political power.

Foreign Policy

The consequences of President Obama’s weak and incoherent foreign policy have made America and our allies less safe. The Obama Administration’s failures in places like Afghanistan, Benghazi, Iraq and Ukraine have made it more difficult to achieve our foreign policy objectives elsewhere. In my role as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I will continue to advocate for a foreign policy focused on our long-held principles of advancing freedom and justice that also upholds the national interests of the United States. America must lead to keep Americans safe, and keeping Americans safe is my constitutional responsibility.

I also remain a staunch supporter of human rights and religious freedom worldwide. Further, our nation must continue to stand alongside our allies around the world—such as our democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel. The U.S.-Israeli alliance serves as a cornerstone of international and regional security. As a vibrant and dynamic democracy, Israel is a model of progress in the Middle East, and the United States must continue to support the State of Israel.

This election season has seen a lot of divisiveness. If elected, how do you propose working with the other party to address the issues facing Kansans today?

Americans are often frustrated by feeling unrepresented in Washington. I keep this in mind every day as I work for my fellow Kansans and the priorities that are most important to all of us. I’ve led on the passage of nearly a dozen pieces of legislation during my time in Congress. The vast majority have had strong bi-partisan support. I passed legislation to help the general aviation industry without a single dissenting vote. When I passed a bill to help Kansas agriculture, I did it with over 100 House Democrats. Finally, bringing the new KC-46 tankers to McConnell Air Force Base, which will secure this amazing base for a generation, was about articulating a reasonable, thoughtful vision that others could embrace. I know how to get things done—focusing on results, not party, to achieve good outcomes for the citizens I represent.

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