Marcey Gregory (I-SG Co Commission District 3)


  • Co-owner MG Ventures, property management
  • Graduate Wichita North High School, 2 years WSU
  • Mayor, City of Goddard since 2007


Married to Gary Gregory for 35 years, two sons, Steven and Stacy

What specific Sedgwick County issue do you think deserves your immediate attention and how do you plan to address it?

The economy. We need jobs, and I will use the same approach that I have during my tenure as mayor, trying to bring as many businesses to the area as possible.

How do you intend to work with the Wichita City Council on the issues important to both Wichita and Sedgwick County?

I have a great working relationship with the city of Wichita. Building and fostering partnerships is my approach to working with all of the cities in Sedgwick County and the only way we can ensure that the whole area is growing and thriving.

How do you propose to grow the Sedgwick County economy?

As I said before, by working to bring as many businesses into the area as possible. We need a county commissioner that is going to actively promote Sedgwick County and partner with community leaders and developers to bring business/industry to the area. I have done that as Goddard’s mayor, and I will continue that as Sedgwick Co. Commissioner.

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