Levi Morris (D-Kansas Senate District 35)


  • Private practice attorney, small business owner
  • Former prosecutor
  • First time running for elected office


Candidate has not yet provided response

What is your plan to deal with the Kansas Budget?

Repeal the Brownback tax failures, including but not limited to repealing the Brownback LLC loophole.

What kind of changes do you support in rewriting the school funding formula? Do you support additional funding for Kansas schools?

While I am open to rewriting the school funding formula, I do not believe we need to rewrite the funding formula. The funding formula we had in place before Governor Brownback took office worked. I hear Governor Brownback and his allies talking about a new funding formula. These are the same people who have spent the last several years attacking education funding at every stop. When the same folks start talking about a new formula, I think Kansans realize this is just a re-branding of their past failed efforts to attack and cut education funding.

What is your number one priority for the upcoming legislative session and how do you plan to address it?

We need to build a coalition of moderate legislators from both parties who can agree on something, who can find common ground for compromise, and who will stand up to Governor Brownback and help Kansas move beyond Governor Brownback’s failed experiments.

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