Kansas Plot suspect’s girlfriend is “thankful” she could help police

Community college students are signing cards of support

LIBERAL, Kan. (KSNW) – The investigation into the group planning to blow up an apartment complex of Somali refugees in Garden City cracked wide open last week when of the suspects, now facing domestic terrorism charges, was arrested in Liberal on suspicion of domestic violence.

His girlfriend, who reported him for domestic violence, told authorities how he was making explosives, according to court documents.

She is understandably upset over the events of the last few days and asked not to appear on camera or have her name released.

She said she is actually thankful to god that she called police to report the domestic violence incident last week.

According to court records, she told police about items that could be used to make explosives.

She said she hopes her actions helped to save the lives of countless innocent men, women and children.

She is planning to leave the state out of fear for her safety, saying she’s concerned that other members of the radical group want her dead.

Meanwhile, the Somali community in Liberal is still working to sort through the shock.

“I do know there’s some angst, some fear, some nervousness,” said Travis Combs. He works with many immigrant adult learners at the Seward County Community College in Liberal.

“Students have reached out to us asking if everything’s going to be okay,” he said, “and we assure them that we’re here to keep them safe.”

The police chief and mayor in Liberal have also reached out to him to talk about how to best support the community in this time.

Combs says in the wake of the planned terrorist attack, community college students are signing cards in support of their peers they consider family.

“Basically to support our Somali students that we do have on campus here in this building as well as on main campus,” said Combs. “Just kind of let that community know we’re here and they’re out students and they’re our friends and they’re welcome on our campus at any time.”

Liberal residents know it will take time to process the details of this case. They’ll continue to watch the court proceedings as they play out.