Joe Seiwert (R-Kansas House District 101)


  • Retired AT&T and Kingman Equip John Deere, salesperson. 37 years
  • Owner Agri business, Seiwert Farms, 39 years
  • Business Marketing & Human Resources Management
  • University of Nebraska, WSU, and Friends University
  • USD 311 School board, 12 years
  • ESSDACK Education Coop, Hutchinson, 4 years
  • Ninnescah Township Treasure, Reno County, 20 years


Married to Linda, 45 years, three daughters, nine grandchildren

What is your plan to deal with the Kansas Budget?

Work on solving the shortfall by exploring all options. Having discussions on equitable taxes and possible new revenue streams.. Looking at exemptions and seeing if they are working the way they are supposed to. Trying to improve Agriculture, Oil and Gas, and aircraft sales. Review all 93 government agencies for some efficiencies.

What kind of changes do you support in rewriting the school funding formula? Do you support additional funding for Kansas schools?

Equalization In rural, city and metropolitan areas. Getting a group of education personal, teachers, business and private sector groups working together to discuss outcomes, sports programs, technology, technical training, administration, and facility needs.Then review, study, and tweak the school finance formula to achieve the changes in the growing finances of individual districts including changes in demographic needs to meet the schools of the future.

What is your number one priority for the upcoming legislative session and how do you plan to address it?

Balancing the state budget in a fair and equitable way to all taxpaying citizens in the state of Kansas with an equitable balance tax plans included in the three-legged stool, property sales and income tax.

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