James Houston Bales (L-US House District 2)


  • Occupation: Owner at Klepper Farms LLC
  • Legal Intern at Free State Law
  • Education
    • Wichita State University: BA in Secondary English Education 2011
    • University of Texas at San Antonio: MA in English 2014
    • University of Kansas: JD (Law) to be conferred in 2017


Married to Laura Hanenkamp of Wichita, KS for 5 years.

What one specific issue do you think deserves your immediate attention in Washington, and how do you plan to address it?

We need to reform our criminal justice system. We need to bring mercy and protection back to our police and our courts. We need legislation that reinforces our Bill of Rights and the rights of the accused, as well as a rollback of legislation that makes criminals out of minor infractions, such as unpaid fines and the lost drug war.

Please provide a one to two paragraph explanation of your stance on each of the following: Immigration, Health Care, Economic Issues, Foreign Policy.

Immigrants are the heart of our society, bringing new ideas and ways of thinking into our culture. We should encourage immigration and residency by making it easier for people who want to be productive Americans to earn citizenship.

I don’t know a lot about health care, but I do know simply repealing existing systems without developing a viable alternative is an exercise in futility. If Obamacare isn’t working, then developing a replacement needs to happen before any repeal. And if Obamacare is working, then attempting a repeal is simply cutting off your nose to spite your face. But like I said, I don’t know much about healthcare yet.

Deregulation works. Given the opportunity, the private sector is an engine of economic growth. But too much Federal interference can keep brilliant new ideas from taking off and prevent people with brilliant ideas but limited means or access from acting on those ideas. Government needs to be an enabling force, not a restricting force, when it comes to economic regulation.

We need to honor our existing international commitments and support and encourage our allies. We do not need to be the world police, nor do we need to interfere in conflicts where we are not wanted. Unless an ally specifically asks for our help, perhaps we should give peace a chance. After all, I am 28 years old and for the majority of my life – and the entirety of my adult life – we have been at war with someone. Peace is unknown to my generation. Perhaps it’s time to try it out.

This election season has seen a lot of divisiveness. If elected, how do you propose working with the other party to address the issues facing Kansans today?

Simply, I will work for any good idea. As a Libertarian, I hold no allegiance to either party. I am completely free to do what is best for Kansas.

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