Hours left in voting registration deadline

Voting (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The deadline to register to vote for November’s election is Tuesday, October 18th, and Kansans are making sure they are prepared.

But, for those last-minute registrees, there are some things you need to be made aware of.

Voters have one more day to register. Thanks to a ruling by the federal court of appeals, as of September, the requirements were changed when registering to vote for this year’s election.

According to one local voter, he was given some “inaccurate” information when calling about registration questions.

In a Facebook post, Wichita resident Randy Rathbun documented what happened when he called Sedgwick County Election Commissioner’s office to ask some registration questions.

Rathbun says, “The information specialist said my friend would have to bring her birth certificate.”

But, he said he knew the rules had changed, continuing on to say, “…that requirement was struck down in September by a federal Court of Appeals.” Then said, “…you cannot now be asked for a birth certificate to register to vote in Kansas.”

Rathbun then spoke to a supervisor, in hopes of getting the correct answer. But, according to him, the supervisor said…”he admitted that he knew this was a whopper for this election, but they are demanding a birth certificate under the pretext that registering without a birth certificate “may not be enough in the future.’

KSN spoke with Stacia Long, an election official with Seward County, she says registering for this year’s election is different from in the past.

“In the event that an individual wishes to complete a federal form or registers through the DMV for this particular election, the proof of citizenship is not required and they would be on a poll books and they will be given a ballot and vote like a regular voter,” Long said.

She says everyone has the right to ask questions, be informed on what you need in order to successfully register. But, she did say a court ruling in the near future could reverse how Kansans register altogether.

“Depending on court rulings in the future it could be that they will eventually be needing to show their proof of citizenship anyway,” explained Long.

KSN reached out to the Sedgwick County Election Office, and was told that they will look into the incident Tuesday morning.

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