Dr. Brian Angevine (D-Kansas Senate District 36)


  • Ph. D. (1985), MME (1971), BME (1966) (Music Education, Educational Psychology, Conducting, Special Education, Administration), The University of Kansas, Emporia State University, Wichita State University, Phillips University
  • Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS
  • Supervision of Student Teachers (University of Kansas)
  • Grant work for Univ. of Kansas, PL94-142 for college teachers
  • Owner of Kings River Canoe Company, Eureka Springs, AR
  • Prudential Insurance Company, training for sales manager
  • Teaching: Gifted Education (Shawnee Mission and University of Kansas), Conducting, Supervision of Student Teachers (University of Kansas), Music Education (Akron, Holyoke, Walden, CO; Derby, Baldwin, KS)
  • Composer, freelance writer, farm work, grocery stores, music stores
  • Community/School partnerships, technology in education, curriculum development, consultant for computer music and art, Kansas Accessible Arts, Girls to Women, individualization in education, creative and professional writing, music composition
  • Board of Directors, Girls to Women
  • President (past), Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented, Creative
  • Advisory Board, Kansas Accessible Arts; QPA steering committee, onsite evaluator
  • Past Coordinator of College Now; Creator of Rx SUCCESS, Minority Success Forum, Women in Math, Computer Music Studio, Student Credit Union; Chairman Statewide evaluation committee, KGTC
  • Consultant Wonderscope Children’s Museum
  • Colorado Bandmasters Association
  • Wichita Life Underwriters


Married to Trudy C. Ringer. We met when she was transferred to Shawnee Mission West High School back in 1986. We were both single and hit it off immediately when we started dating. When we retired we moved to her hometown of Cuba, KS. I love the small town and have volunteered on many projects, including helping to write a grant and administering it to replace all the water pipes in town.

She has a son and a daughter, which I helped raise, in Lenexa and Roeland Park. One grandson. I have two sons that I stayed completely involved with after my divorce. They are successful, creative men who have provided me with two grandsons. One lives in Pittsburgh, PA, the other in Charlottesville, VA.

What is your plan to deal with the Kansas Budget?

The obvious first step is to close the LLC loophole. Every small business owner I have talked to have NOT hired anyone. The loophole did not work to expand businesses and therefore, income taxes. Longer term is to tax higher income folks equitably with fewer deductions. Why should the lower and middle-income folks foot the bill for State services? After that, I would like to be involved in planning a sound future to rebuild and revitalize Kansas. It is in a death spiral right now due to poor policy and poor management.

What kind of changes do you support in rewriting the school funding formula? Do you support additional funding for Kansas schools?

School funding is a complex subject and one I studied in Colorado, Kansas, and even Poland and the Czech Republic. Cost figures can and should be applied to certain populations which cost more to educate. That was done in the funding formula that was scrapped. The block grants are unconstitutional and don’t work. Most people don’t understand all the permutations of school funding. Some education of the general public needs to take place on where the money goes. I believe that some districts are a little top-heavy in administration, although administrators serve important needs. I was an administrator for a while and studied educational administration during post-doctoral classes at Emporia State. I would be a very able person to help draft new funding and to determine just what each district needs to be successful. Rural schools often take the brunt of cuts.

What is your number one priority for the upcoming legislative session and how do you plan to address it?

Education funding spurred me to run (see above). Beyond that, I think the most needy of our citizens are being robbed of necessary services. The elderly have lost in-home care options, early childhood has been cut. Perhaps most dangerously in this gun-toting society, mental health services have been cut. Repeatedly, in mass shootings, it has been revealed that the shooter had mental health issues. A dangerous cut if you ask me. Every day I listen to people complaining about welfare. Not everyone on welfare is an abuser of the system. Some really need it. I don’t mind making it more needs based and subject to increased scrutiny, but that costs money too.

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