Alan LaPolice (I-US House District 1)


  • Educator / Farmer
  • Two Masters Degrees – Educational Leadership / Writing and Directing
  • Earned over 45% in the last Republican Primary Election.
  • Two years as school board member.
  • U.S. Army – Infantry: Fought in the Gulf War with the 3rd Infantry Division. Earned the prestigious Combat Infantry Badge and many other awards for valor and excellence.


Celebrating ten wonderful years married to Sonia. We have three beautiful daughters: Joslin – 9, Juliet – 6, and Charlotte – 3.

I am President of Clyde Lions Club, Senior Vice Commander of the Clyde VFW, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Concordia American Legion (named National Aide-de-Camp for Kansas.)

I am also a regular reader and greeter for my Parish – St. John’s Catholic Church.

What one specific issue do you think deserves your immediate attention in Washington, and how do you plan to address it?

Trust. Until that is addressed, NOTHING else can change. No one in Washington trusts each other, they use each other for political points and everyone is out for their own self-interests. The parties certainly don’t trust each other and never will until someone forces a change. Most importantly, no American trusts his or her government at this point in our history. We all believe they are crooked, cronyistic, and corrupt. Lawmakers and legislation can be bought and that has undermined the relationship between the government and the governed.

If I can get elected without ever selling out the money, the special interests, and the political machine, it will go a long way towards restoring the public trust. My opponent has already sold out to the money and power, he’s already established himself in Washington, and he hasn’t even won the election. My race is about changing that. If I can win, I can serve. If I do that, others will want to serve, others will have the courage to run. Good men and women don’t run for office anymore and that is tragic. I want to inspire them to once again choose service to community and country over service to money and self.

I will work to impose term limits, remove federal pensions for politicians, ban lawmakers from being lobbyists after service, and I will apply the same rules to lawmakers that they impose on us.

Please provide a one to two paragraph explanation of your stance on each of the following: Immigration, Health Care, Economic Issues, Foreign Policy.

My wife is an immigrant/refugee from El Salvador. As a baby, her mother pleaded for sanctuary during her country’s brutal civil war. We are a nation of immigrants, I know this very well. Our immigration policy must be above all else, humane. It must also be simplified. It must also address the concerns of our nation’s employment needs. The only reason none of this occurs today is because Congress has lost its ability to govern because of hyperpartisanship and intransigence. As an Independent, I may be the only one capable of negotiating the massive chasm that exists in our Congress. I will.

Health Care is vital to the health of our nation. The ACA is not what people believe it is but perception quickly becomes reality. I want to replace Obamacare with a 10th amendment based solution. Distribute the management of healthcare to the states. In doing this, we can correct the inherent flaws in the law (states will be able to negotiate drug pricing, policies can be crafted across state lines, profit caps can be enforced) but moreover, you change the perception in the minds of the people, make it bipartisan, and it will work.

Our tax code is written by and for those with political access. Supply-side economics is the biggest crime on our nation. Laffer is a criminal and anyone still hammering home ‘trickle-down’ needs to be arrested. In the three decades following WWII, America cultivated the world’s greatest economy and grew the biggest middle class. Our tax code must be restored to something akin to that. Deductions must be given only to incentivize growth and expansion. Corporations must pay their share and can restore their highly lucrative write-offs only if they create domestic jobs, increase workers’ pay, improve the working environment, and promote strength in our domestic economy. The only way to accomplish this is to stop electing politicians beholden to those very corporations.

On foreign policy, I differ from ever other candidate anywhere. Primarily in that I am an actual combat veteran of the wars in the Middle East. I know a little about war. What we’ve been doing for over 15 years is purely occupation. It is profitable to those who fuel the passion for war and will never end without leadership. We must only invade a sovereign nation when it is absolutely necessary, when it is in our own interests, or when the justification for war is greater than the justification for diplomacy and peace. I would Never invade Syria. I would Never have re-invaded Iraq. I would have left Libya alone. I would work with Iran, applying diplomacy and creating trust, something our current leaders know nothing about.

This election season has seen a lot of divisiveness. If elected, how do you propose working with the other party to address the issues facing Kansans today?

The only way possible: I will not work for a party, I will work for the people of this district, this state, and this nation. The Republican party has lost its way, both here in Kansas and at the national level. The Democratic party is hardly better. As an Independent, I have the credibility to work with both parties, more specifically, with leaders from both sides who are willing to put their country ahead of their party. I will establish a people’s caucus in Congress. I will draw from the honorable leaders from both sides. With a voting bloc of 50 to 60 bipartisan leaders, we can move legislation that works for people, not the party, that puts country ahead of money. Sincerely, this is the only way. Without changing our approach, this experiment in self-government will surely fail, just as Brownbacks awful experiment with Kansas has failed. Leadership is in short supply in politics. I mean to change that.

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