Robert D. Garrard (L-US Senate)


  • Electronics Technician, repairing avionics, navigation and communication equipment, Garmin
  • JcAIR/Aeroflex, troubleshooting and repairing avionics test equipment, 18 years
  • Associate of Applied Science in Electronics, DeVry Institute of Technology, KCMO, 1993
  • Libertarian Party of Kansas, 2nd Congressional District Coordinator, delegate to five Libertarian Party National Conventions, candidate for Congress in 2010
  • Active duty Army, February 1986 to September 1991, repairing short-range air defense systems, 8th Infantry Division at Mainz, Germany and 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC
  • Deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, September 1990 to April 1991


Married (to the same woman) since 1987.

What one specific issue do you think deserves your immediate attention in Washington, and how do you plan to address it?

Overspending by Congress. I would support constitutional amendments to require a balanced budget and forbid borrowing or printing money to fund the federal budget. I would vote for spending cuts across the board and no tax increases. I would vote against taxpayer-funded bailouts, subsidies, grants, loans or loan guarantees to private businesses and individuals. I would oppose any further attempts at costly and unsuccessful “regime change” and “nation-building” in foreign countries.

Please provide a one to two paragraph explanation of your stance on each of the following: Immigration, Health Care, Economic Issues, Foreign Policy. 

Immigration: t should be faster and easier for foreign workers who have no criminal record to get a work visa to come here legally, reducing the incentive to come here illegally. Illegal immigration is not a root problem but rather a symptom of social and economic problems, mainly caused by government intervention in the economy (cronyism) both in America and in the countries from which immigrants are coming.

Health Care: I believe healthcare should be private business between patients, doctors, insurance companies and private charities. I would support legislation to end the federal income tax, therefore health insurance would no longer be tied to the employer, making it practical for a person to stay with one insurance company for their whole life if they choose to do so.

Economic Issues: America’s centrally planned, government-run economy has created corruption between politicians and business people and it has not raised the standard of living. I would keep the government out of private business except when it is necessary to adjudicate a contract dispute in court or to prosecute a business person for a crime such as fraud, theft, pollution, etc. Prices should be set by buyers and sellers; interest rates by lenders and borrowers; wages by employers and employees, through voluntary exchange, subject to the law of supply and demand. A free market economy requires privately produced, publicly traded free market money with intrinsic value that serves as a reliable measure of value, not gov’t-printed fiat currency which is handed out to those with political power, loses value over time, and causes boom/bust cycles.

Foreign Policy: I will support a neutral and non-interventionist foreign policy. This does not mean isolationism. I believe Americans should be free to trade, travel and work for profit or charity, with little or no government interference, anywhere in the world. I would withdraw from military alliances that threaten to draw us into world war and which are not necessary for the defense of America. The U.S. Gov’t should defend America, not the whole world.

This election season has seen a lot of divisiveness. If elected how do you propose working with the other party to address the issues facing Kansas today?

This is the primary source of divisiveness: Many Americans use government to impose their will on other Americans. For example, telling others whom they may marry, what kind of firearms they may own, what they may eat, drink or smoke, how much of their paycheck will be taken and to whom that money will be given. I believe Americans should be free to live as they choose, as long as they accept the consequences of their own decisions and do not harm the life, liberty or property of others. I will work with Republicans when they work for freedom and I will work with Democrats when they work for freedom.

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