What you need to know to register to vote in Kansas

WICHITA, Ks (KSN) The deadline to vote in November is drawing near and Wichitan’s are making sure they are prepared.

“I feel like it’s probably one of the more important years to register to vote. I think everybody should so that the right person gets in there,” says David Schorth.

But to vote you must be registered by next Tuesday.

“You can fill out a paper form as long as it is post marked by October 18th and then if you do an electronic registration just make sure you have done that by 11:59 p.m. So we can at least get that counted,” says Tabitha Lehman.

You can choose whether to register with a federal or state form. But due to the ongoing legal debate over whether to provide proof of citizenship, you will not have to provide of citizenship.

Lehman says, “If you use the Kansas voter registration form, you will have to provide proof of citizenship if it is your first time registering. If you use the federal form, which we have available here in our office, if you need it, you will not have to provide proof of citizenship to be able to vote for this election.

And you don’t have to wait until Tuesday November 8 to vote. You can cast your ballot early at many different locations across the state.

Here in Sedgwick County, Lehman says there are several times and locations to fit your schedule.

Be sure to check the dates and times for you county on its website.