Multi-million dollar library taking shape in Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The highly anticipated public library is now more than just an idea.

“We have not only broken ground, we have poured concrete and we have steel beams that are going up from the new library,” says Cynthia Berner.

Marketing and Communications Manager Stephanie Huff says The $30 million dollar plus project is mostly funded through taxpayer dollars, $27.5 million. But another $6.5 million has been raised through the foundation with hopes to raise even more.

The new library is supposed to an offer an advanced learning experience, more book selection, bigger space and higher speed internet.

“One of the things people will most appreciate is through a generous partnership through Cox Communications we will be bringing gigabit level bandwidth in so that public access, the wi-fi will be significantly faster,” says Berner.

So where are we in the project phase?  You can can actually watch yourself here on this live webcam from the Wichita Library website. It keeps a live stream of the project progress.

Officials say the project is moving along and they expect the library to be completed by spring of 2018.

“The frame and those beams are up and we will begin seeing progress, progress very quickly, over the next few months.”