3i vendors sell food from local farms

Vendor Kelley Bicket holds up her frozen cheesecake on a stick

DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — Eating at the 3i Show in Dodge City is an experience in Kansas cooking. You can get everything from pulled pork to soup in a bread bowl, and most of the food sold came directly from Kansas farms.

Bison from Ottawa County, pork from hutch, and even Garden City kettle corn. The 3i Show vendors are celebrating all the food Kansas has to offer.

“Oh we love it,” said Shawn Rolph, who raises bison in Ottawa County. “We’re very proud of it. We love coming here, we love being around the farmers and the ranchers, and it really brings a lot that we’re serving our own meat and the animals that we’ve raised since they were born.”

Other states are represented, too. Kelley Bicket gets her products from Denver for her Garden City business. She sells food at festivals all around southwest Kansas.

“Moist, juicy turkey legs,” said Bicket. “They’re so good, and you can eat them with barbeque sauce or just without anything. They’re perfect.”

Of course there’s plenty of fried food, from green tomatoes to mac and cheese.

And then there’s grilled lemonade, one of the most unique treats available at the show.

“Grilled lemonade is when we take a flat top grill,” said Russ Silvey, a vendor from Hutchinson, “layer it with white and brown sugars, cut the lemons and roll it in there and grill it until the lemon juice caramelizes with the sugar, so you’ll get a sweet, smokey base for the lemonade.”

And to wash it all down, there’s the beer garden, but please drink responsibly.

Bricket is also proud of her dessert.

“Cheesecake on a stick, frozen, and it’s drizzled with our gourmet white chocolate and milk chocolate.”

Many vendors said business has been pretty slow, but it is just the first day of the show. They said that since today and tomorrow are work days, they expect many more customers on Saturday.