4-year-old Wichita girl knocks out boxing competition

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A young Wichita girl is making a name for herself in the boxing ring.

She may be teeny tiny, but little Ayanna sure is mighty. The 4-year-old is the youngest athlete at Villa Boxing in Wichita.

“We fight!” Ayanna told KSN’s Emily Younger when she asked what she does at boxing practice.

Ayanna is a well-trained machine. She can keep up with kids more than double, even triple her age. Her family credits Villa Boxing Head Coach Israel Villa.

“She’s a fast learner! I tell you, if you had a whole bunch of her in this gym, they’d be champions right there,” said Israel Villa.

However, Villa admits he wasn’t too keen on training Ayanna at first.

“He asked how old she was and I told him four, and he kind of shook his head and almost kind of dismissed the idea,” said Ayanna’s dad Dustin Tackett.

Eventually, Tackett and Villa made a deal.

“I said we will trade. You teach me how to lift weights and I will teach her a little bit of boxing,” Villa said.

The rest is history.

“Yeah, she moves real good. I think she’s an inspiration,” Villa said. “It just shows that anybody can do it. You put your mind to it, put your heart to it and want to do it.”

Ayanna’s parents told KSN they couldn’t be prouder of their little girl. They said they plan to support her in each and every life endeavor whether that be boxing or not.

“As she grows up and if she sticks with it and enjoys it and wants to keeps getting better then we will support her in it, absolutely,” Tackett said.

Ayanna will stay in the practice ring for awhile longer before she gets to compete in her first official match. The rules state she has to be at least 8 years old.