It’s a presidential election year, so where are the campaign signs in Wichita?

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – As the November election nears closer, KSN is asking the experts why there are so few presidential campaign signs in Wichita.

“I haven’t really seen any in people’s yards or out in businesses like I normally do,” said Cody Harryman.

“Not as many as I’m used to,” said Wichita resident Nicholas Gallo.

That’s because there aren’t too many Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump yard signs in town. In fact, it seems there are more For Sale signs, For Rent signs and promotional signs than presidential campaign signs around town.

“People have to vote for someone, but it doesn’t mean they have to start their conversation with their neighbor about why they are voting for one candidate or for the other,” said KSN Political Analyst and WSU Interim Director of the Elliot School of Communication Jeff Jarman.

Jarman said there are two key reasons he believes people are not publicly supporting Clinton or Trump via campaign signs.

“One, these candidates are really unpopular, the most unpopular candidates either of the parties have put forward,” he said.

Second, Jarman said he believes people may fear speaking out publicly about either candidate.

“You asked if it’s dangerous and I do want to say I think people do fear that political conversations become too intense and too aggressive,” Jarman said.

As the race continues to heat up, Jarman said it’s likely the campaign signs may become even more scarce.

“As long as the candidates continue to do things that cause voters to turn away from them, they will find fewer and fewer voters to put a sign in their yard,” he said.