WSU preparing to allow concealed carry of weapons in July

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – After the Kansas Board of Regents voted to allow concealed carry on public universities, each university was given a basic outline of rules to draft their policy.

Wichita State University officials say the policy they drafted is very similar to those guidelines.

David Moses says, “We expect this to be a safe campus”

The university’s conceal carry policy is taking shape. They are taking note of the state requirements. If they want to prohibit guns, simply having campus police on patrol is not enough. Instead if they want to prohibit concealed carry in specific buildings, they would need to be fitted with adequate security measures. Only in those buildings will concealed handguns be prohibited. To get adequate security and metal detectors at every public entrance would be costly.

Moses says, “Our police chief have estimated to be well past $1,000,000.”

Wichita State will comply with the law that allows for safe possession and storage of lawfully possessed handguns.

“They have to be within the immediate control of the individual. They have to be fully concealed. Uses of holsters, chambering of ammunition,” says Moses.

Under their draft policy, staff and students older than 21 will be able to carry a concealed handgun on campus and in public buildings at the school. They would be prohibited in some area’s including the child development center and medical clinics and labs. They will also have to print information about gun policies on tickets to events and properly inform students who live on campus of dormitory gun policies.

Junior student Conner Stewart says, “if someone is going to something bad with a gun they are probably not going to follow the gun laws, whereas, this is someone who would want to follow laws and is going to be responsible has an avenue to conceal and carry.”

Once the policy is approved, the university will start working on training with staff and students specifically with the communication website and social media. Moses says they held about a dozen public forums and discussions with staff and students to gain input. Moses says they should have their policy approved after October 19. After that, he says they will post the policy online for everyone to see.