Friends remember WSU student who was murdered

WICHITA, Kan. (KSN) – Rowena Irani will be remembered on campus as a person with an infectious personality.

“I think people who worked with her could see that she was always passionate about helping students get involved and she always had a smile on her face and was really just a warm person to be around,” says Chas Thompson.

Richy Thach learned to know Irani through the student ambassador program, where she will be remembered as full of life.

“Silly, I would say silly because we would always goof around and what not,” says Thach.

He says her friendly personality made her a perfect fit for student outreach, helping to make prospective students comfortable. For those who knew her the shock of her loss has caused a ripple effect in their own lives.

“We were saying in student involvement yesterday that it really changed your perspective because all the things that we normally would be mad about and stuff, it makes them seem like nothing, like, it is all really petty,” says Thach.

And though she is gone, they say it is not goodbye.

“Irregardless of the outcome Ro would want everybody to be strong about it. It is not a loss, technically, because most people say, you know, we all meet again,” says Thach.

The Student Government Association will be reading a special resolution to honor Rowena.

“It is also to show the family that SGA is behind them in their grieving process,” says Marilyn Morton.

Irani also volunteered at the Wichita Children’s Home. There they have a memorial account set up in her name that you can contribute to.