Viewers report damage after storms roll through Wichita area

COURTESY: Lauri Russell

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – KSN meteorologists said yesterday that the second round of storms last night would be the more powerful of the two systems and that is exactly what played out.

Thankfully, we didn’t see any reports of tornados but there were reports of damage around the area caused by high winds.

One viewer sent KSN this photo showing a tree completely split in half that landed on top of her car.

KSN crews were out early this morning assessing the streets around Wichita and found that most areas should be clear for your morning commute.

Some streets had tree limbs down off to the side.

Last night, KSN sent crews to Goddard where residents and city crews spent hours cleaning tree limbs and debris off the roads.

Those crews had to use tractors to push debris to the side and a chainsaw to cut down limbs.

Clearing streets wasn’t the only thing people had to deal with last night.

Now that the actual storm is over and crews have started to clear the streets of trees and debris, the big looming issue is power.

Last night, thousands of people were without it but that number continues to decrease.

Westar crews are working to restore it but they say it might take them until 5 p.m. today before they can get all the power back on for the area.

Check back with KSN for the latest information on air and online.

Andale USD 267 grade school and high school will be closed today due to power outages. Keep in mind it’s just those two schools.