New FEMA floodplain maps mean potential changes for some homeowners

MULVANE, Kan. (KSNW) – Thousands of people in south central Kansas could soon live in a flood plain after Sedgwick County officials approved a new FEMA floodplain map.

The updated map adds to some areas, particularly Mulvane and Bentley.

Overall, 1,702 structures were added to the new floodplain and 2,409 removed.

For homeowners who live in high risk areas, that means they must get federal flood insurance if they have mortgages from federally regulated or insured lenders.

KSN went to Mulvane to talk to homeowners in the areas that would be added. Many said they thought they already were in the floodplain and still chose to not get flood insurance because they could handle it on their own. Others felt differently.

Kenneth Doramus doesn’t believe he currently lives in the floodplain, but says if he finds out that his home has been added to the map in the future, he plans to get flood insurance.

“I couldn’t afford to be without flood insurance,” he said, “so I’m presumably certain that’s what I would do is go purchase insurance.”

He says that areas around him have had flooding in the past, and even though he hasn’t seen any where he lives specifically, a change like that would move him towards making the purchase.

“Boy it would take a lot of water to get up here, but it could happen,” he said. “You know, there’s been a lot of places flooding in the United States this year that haven’t had a problem so, I couldn’t say never.”

For a look at the map and affected areas in Sedgwick County, click here.