Great Bend firefighters participate in rope rescue training

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) — A group of Great Bend firefighters spent Tuesday morning learning the ropes for a high-point rope rescue. Bartlett Grain employees worked with the crew to learn rescue procedures at their facility.

Firefighters regularly go through this type of training at the station, but they find it more useful to go out to local facilities. According to Great Bend Fire Capt. Travis Parmley, the fire station gives them the same type of rescue situation every time.

“If we can come out to local facilities and see what’s different…challenge ourselves, we’ll be prepared in case something were to happen,” said Parmley.

He also said the main difference in each coop facility are its anchor points, where the end of the rope is tied to the structure to help get a victim to the ground safely. Today, crews learned where Bartlett Grain’s anchor points are located, if they were to ever respond to a situation at the facility.

While the training was meant for firefighters, employees at the facility also got involved in the rescue process.

“For future, if anything were to ever go wrong or issues, we’d be prepared,” said Bartlett Grain superintendent Adam Hoffman.

The two groups worked together throughout the whole rescue today, each group teaching the other.

“It’s definitely a team effort to make this work,” said Parmley.

The captain added that they are currently working with another local coop to schedule a rescue training. He said the facility has some challenges that they’d like to take on.