Sedgwick County breaks ground on new EMS station

(KSN photo)

SEDGWICK COUNY, Kan. (KSNW) – Officials broke ground Monday, for a new EMS station slated to open sometime in the next year. This station will mean the county has 16 EMS locations.

The whole project is expected to take about six to eight months, but that depends on weather delays, with winter just around the corner.

KSN spoke with Scott Hadley, the Sedgwick County EMS director, who says we can expect it to be finished around July or August next summer.

According to Hadley, the budget for the project was just under $1.4 million. But they believe it will end up costing less than that, because Sedgwick County already owns the land it’s being built on.

They also already have the daytime staffing ready to move over there.

Thanks to the budgeting process approved by the Sedgwick County Commission for the 2017 budget, they can add four new full-time employees to make it a 24/7 station, when it opens.

“This is not a station relocation, Hadley said. “This is a brand new station with brand new resources, particularly at night to make it 24/7.”

The new EMS station, located at 5055 S. Oliver will accommodate people across the southeast Wichita, Oaklawn, Derby and Haysville.

“Mathematically, statistically it’s just the right place to put a station,” stated Jim Howell, Sedgwick County Commissioner.

The site is necessary because of the growing demand in those areas. Sedgwick Co. officials want to make sure they have the resources to continue responding to people’s needs in a timely manner.

“Having an EMS station n that area is just really comforting for people who live in the north part of Derby or the Oaklawn area and of course anybody at Spirit Aerosystems, because it’s a key location,” explained Howell.

The county is also looking into building a facility in the northeast area and one out west over the next few years.

But this location was made a top priority for the capital improvement projects because of the Wesley South ER in Derby at 63rd and Rock Road.

“This project had been in place for a couple of years, but we wanted to make sure that we elevated this to the top of the list of our station enhancements to ensure that we have adequate coverage for that particular area once that facility opens,” Hadley said.