‘Joey’s Law’ starts to move forward

Joseph Weber

OAKLEY, Kan. (KSNW) — John and Nancy Weber had smiles on their faces Friday.

In the aftermath of their son’s tragic shooting by police, the family wants to create what they call “Joey’s Law.”  It would provide some sort of identification through car registration to let officers know if someone has a disability.

“Hopefully, we won’t have something like this happen again,” said John.

That idea is now moving forward with the help of the chief from the same police department involved in the shooting death of Joey Weber.

“They have a lobbyist in Topeka. He has visited with the lobbyist this morning. The lobbyist knew exactly what we needed to do,” said John.

Former Topeka Police Chief Ed Klumpp told KSN he plans to contact the DMV to see if there’s a way to tie the information to vehicle registration, making it available for officers on stops.

“So this has moved pretty quickly,” John said.

Organizers for the “Justice for Joey” movement are surprised at how quick it’s moving, saying Joey would be happy to see people coming together to work for a common good.

“I think it would be something that would be a step in the right direction to protect his community and others with special needs, so I think he would be thrilled,” said Duane Dinkel, a “Justice for Joey” organizer.

KSN’s Amanda Aguilar talked to Chief Don Scheibler and he said that the more information that could be provided to law enforcement about a person with disabilities, the better.

John said he’s thankful for the Hays Police Department’s help to turning a tragic incident into something positive.

“I think he would really feel great that something was named after him, I could see him smiling,” said John.

KSN also reached out to a few Kansas lawmakers but they did not want to comment on the possibility of this legislation. However, former Kansas Senator Allen Schmidt told us it’s important to start this discussion, so we can prevent incidents like this from happening again.