Joey Weber’s family meets with officials

Joseph Weber

HAYS, Kan. (KSNW) — For more than a month, friends and family members have been waiting for answers about the death of Joey Weber — who was shot and killed by a Hays police officer last month.

Family members learned more about the investigation, a day ahead of a planned press conference.

Earlier this evening, Joseph Weber’s parents left Hays Police Department, where they had a meeting with the county attorney and police chief. They also had a chance to look at the dash cam footage and learn what officials plan to release to the media Thursday.

Weber’s father didn’t want to talk on camera but he told KSN’s Amanda Aguilar that both he and his wife feel a little better and the meeting was a step towards closure.

KSN has been asking authorities to explain exactly what happened when Joey Weber was pulled over by a Hays police officer, and we hope to get those answers tomorrow.

We know that he did leave the scene, and when he stopped the second time, we’re told Weber didn’t follow directions from officers, prompting the officer to fire.

We don’t know if Weber had a weapon or the original reason he was pulled over.

Family members tell us Weber was autistic, and likely did not understand the situation he was in.

His father told KSN they are planning a tribute to Joey on Sunday in Oakley. They also want to start a push for Joey’s Law. It would provide some sort of identification through car registration to let officers know if someone has a disability.

The organization that has been working to support the family released a statement, as they are awaiting the new details from authorities, saying “Tomorrow’s release is an important step in the right direction. Not just for Joey, but for all of us who feel incidents like this need to have transparency and cooperation from law enforcement.”

KSN’s Amanda Aguilar will be in Hays for that press conference to get answers to the questions we’ve been asking for weeks.