Give a Little: Tekai

Tekai is a fun-loving fifth grader who's ready to help you as much as you help him.

WICHITA, Kan.(KSNW) – Big Brothers Big Sisters supports thousands of matches statewide, but almost 1500 Littles are waiting to meet their mentor, and almost 60 percent of them are male. It’s a number they’re aggressively working to cut down. In this month’s Give a Little, we introduce you to a young guy who hopes to find the fast lane to meet his Big.

10-year-old Tekai admitted feeling butterflies as he rolled off pit lane at The Alley, but it only took a couple of laps for him to prove you don’t have to have a license to drive.

“I started to feel strong and fearless,” he told us.

And I was left with a really good view of his back bumper.

Add racing to his growing list of interests, but as we learned, Tekai has a lot of hobbies.

“Sometimes we go to the park and play with each other,” Tekai said. “Sometimes we watch movies, and I like to play soccer with my brothers.”

All that sounds pretty typical of a fifth grader, but the longer we talked, the more we discovered what it is that makes him so special.

“At home, if my mom needs help, I will help anybody. I will help anybody in my family; I will help my friends; I will help my teachers; I will help anybody.”

He’d help a Big Brother, too, and he knows how a Big Brother could return the favor.

“Because they can have fun and learn life lessons from that person,” he said.

But when it comes to the race track, he was the one giving lessons. All I could do is watch and learn and think about how lucky some Big Brother will be to get matched with Tekai.

If you’d like to be Tekai’s Big Brother or simply learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters, just call 1-888-KS4-BIGS or go to

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