New committee helps flooding victims in Mulvane and surrounding areas

MULVANE, Kan. (KSNW) – Many people are still working to clean up from flooding in Mulvane. On Saturday, more than 50 people gathered in the commons of Mulvane High School looking for answers and some help.

“Our entire basement was completely underwater,” said Lancie Price, Mulvane resident.

“We had like 2 feet, 7 inches of water in the basement,” said Waland Butler, Belle Plaine resident.

It’s the same story you can hear, seemingly, all across Mulvane and Belle Plaine.

“Since the first flood, we’ve had another flood,” said Gilbert Sanchez, Mulvane resident. “Our house is in disrepair, I guess you could say. We have a lot of foundation issues.”

Frank Carson is the chairman of the “Mulvane Area Long Term Recovery Committee”. It includes representatives from KDOT, the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, and United Methodist. Carson said the hardest thing to do in a time of need is to actually ask for help, saying no disaster is a quick fix.

“One of the main benefits of the committee was bringing this in hopefully early enough, bringing these people in early enough where the people understood what they could do and what they couldn’t do,” Carson said. “We formed this committee to bring these people together so that they could have one place where they could talk to people who are having problems that have never run into this situation and don’t know who to ask.”

Carson says some people didn’t even realize they could access resources that were available Saturday.

Topics of discussion ranged from loan applications, grants, safety and health. Then, it began to rain.

“I know, I see your heads. Yes, I hear it coming down. It’s ok,” said  Rev. Hollie Tapley, Great Plains United Methodist Church.

Nadine Sanchez immediately got worried for her son.

“Anytime anything pops up, we’re always worrying because he breaks out in hives and just the stress alone doesn’t help,” Sanchez said.

For those that came out, they know the process to recovery will be a long one.

“It’s not just one person who’s been affected here, it’s been the entire community and surrounding towns. So, they’re not just helping me,  they have all these other people to help as well,” said Price.

Committee members say they hope forming this group now will help speed up the recovery process.


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