Kansas man accused of videotaping women’s feet


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (KCTV) – An undercover investigation by authorities in Kansas led to the arrest of a man accused of secretly recording women’s feet and legs. The man was videotaping as they sipped on coffee and ate meals in Overland Park.

“Their sense of security is shattered, especially when you are going into a place where expectation is that you are safe, that you are in a safe place,” said Julie Donelon, President and CEO Metropolitan Organization to counter Sexual Assault.

One victim said Michael Montgomery stalked and filmed her twice at a Starbucks on 119th street.

He would pace and inch closer and closer to her with his camera rolling. Victims’ advocates said the invasion of privacy is distressing.

“Always wondering where are those pictures going to show up. Is that person going to be someplace else that I’m at? Are they following me? It can have a devastating impact,” said Donelon.

The victim told police he even followed her to her car and commented on her feet. The woman said, “he made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.”

“Often times, its people around the victim that see this going on. The victim themselves might be completely unaware of what’s happening. As a community, we need to take steps to step up and intervene.”

Police sent an undercover female criminal analyst to the Starbucks.

They said Montgomery took four to five video clips of her feet and legs. He also followed her and told her she had “incredible legs.”

Advocates commend another woman, who police said Montgomery stalked at Panera near College and Metcalf, because she took photos of Montgomery.

“Let that perpetrator know that we are watching. You can’t get away with that. That’s not okay in our community.”

Officers arrested Montgomery on suspicion of reckless stalking. He was already charged with that same crime in January of this year and was awaiting trial.


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