Shocking shopping cart abuse caught on camera


CLEVELAND, Ohio (KPRC) – Police in Cleveland, Texas are investigating after photos of a man gripping his daughter’s hair onto a Walmart shopping cart surfaced on social media.

Erika Burch and her husband, Robert Burch, witnessed the incident Monday afternoon at a Cleveland Walmart.

Erika Burch said the man was “dragging this little girl by the hair.” She said the little girl was saying, “Please stop. I promise I won’t do it again. Please stop!”

She took several photos of the man and the girl, then called police.

“I said, ‘Hey you need to let her hair go,’ and he said, ‘No you need to mind your own business,'” Erika Burch said.

“He dragged that baby around the store,” Robert Burch said.

Erika Burch said she told the man to let go of the girl’s hair, but he told her to mind her own business.

Ora Schumann was another Walmart shopper who witnessed the incident.

“He was angry because she wasn’t standing right next to the basket, so he grabbed her by the head of her hair and pulled her to the basket,” Schumann said. “He just said, ‘Get over here, I told you to get over here, I’m not going to tell you again,’ and then after he said that, she said, ‘I’m sorry I won’t do that again, I’m sorry.'”

Burch said she called police.

“Very concerned for the well-being of the child,” Cleveland police Chief Darrel Broussard said.

Police said they are working with Child Protective Services on the investigation. They are checking to see if there are other children in the home and if the man in the photo has a “pattern of behavior.”

Erika Burch’s Facebook post with the photos has been shared more than 18,000 times with many people expressing their concern for the child.

“This is so sad. I feel horrible for that poor baby girl. I hope this gets investigated further,” Tracy C. wrote.

“No matter what a child does, you never pull them by their hair,” Luis Z. wrote.

While other people did not agree with how the child is being punished, they say people should not be too quick to judge the situation.

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