Construction delayed on transload facility in Garden City

TP&L's Jim Orr
TP&L's Jim Orr

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — Construction on Garden City’s transload facility is being delayed.

The facility is meant to transfer goods to and from trucks and trains for shipping purposes, bringing jobs, and business to southwest Kansas.

“For us, just trying to have a target date and trying to hit that date,” said Jim Orr, president of Transportation Partners and Logistics, the company overseeing the facility. “If we don’t hit it, it’s not the end of the world.”

Construction on the facility was supposed to start September 1.

“Yeah we ended up having to put it out to bid to get competitive bids,” said Orr, “so that pushed our start date back to October 1. Our completion date is staying on track at December 1.”

The Garden City commission approved a $3.8 million bid on Tuesday, and have approved the agreement with the Kansas Department of Transportation that will provide $3 million for the project.

“K-DOT has to give, when they’re involved in funding a project, they have to give you an ok to start construction,” said Lona DuVall, president of the Finney County Economic Development Corporation, “and we weren’t able to secure that prior to the September 1 date, so it pushed everything back a little ways.”

Despite the setback…transportation partners and logistics…the private stakeholder in the project…is confident they will still finish on schedule by increasing hours of construction

“Five 10-hour days Monday through Friday,” said Orr, “now we’ll move to six 10-hour days Monday through Saturday.”

Transportation partners and logistics is confident they will have the facility operational by December 1. If they don’t, they say it will be a bit of an inconvenience for them to continue working with the rail they currently have until the new facility is up and running.

The facility is expected to have an impact on the local economy, with 25 jobs added and more truck drivers passing through, spending money in local hotels and restaurants.

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